Sharing Love. – SOL Day 2

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Jackie came by during my 8th period today. I had forgotten I’d told her to come by during my off periods so we could talk about her poetry.

There I was, on the phone, knowing she was standing there.  It just didn’t click, until I did click and hang up the phone.

“Jackie!!  You brought your poems!”

“Yes,” she said, as she peeled off the last page of a 20-page stack.  “But I’m not ready to show you this one.”

“Why not?’

“I’m not done with it yet.”


We continued to talk and I asked her pointed questions:  how could I help her? what would she like me to watch for? what message was she trying to reveal? what mood was she trying to evoke in her reader?

I leafed through the stack as she spoke and read the first line of a short poem:  My people.   It was the title of poem laced with dialogue, a tribute to her culture. It was written for an aunt who inspired her, a loving message in return for the wisdom and strength she’d given to her niece.

For the next 20 minutes, our conversation touched on starting a Writer’s Notebook (yay!) and writerly habits, to mentor poems and science fiction authors, to short stories and drafts, to world-building and revision.

It was hard to peel away when the bell rang and students began coming into the classroom.

I felt their stares, their curiosity.  I can only imagine what they were thinking as they overheard me touching another teacher with my love of writing.


10 thoughts on “Sharing Love. – SOL Day 2

  1. Hello Veronica,
    I totally thought the person writing the poems was another student. It made me realize we are all students, all of our life. You were so kind to encourage the other teacher.
    Your kinds words and encouragement will transform your students and the other teacher.
    Just having one person who believes could alter the path of a person.
    I wish you had been my teacher in grade school.
    (p.s. I submitted my story at 11:26 PM)

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    1. Pamela! Thank you, you noticed about the student/teacher thing! Yes, I was playing with craft. I have to show my students! Writing is thinking and I thought about what I was doing when I was writing it, the effect I wanted to have. You’re so gracious with your sweet words — thank you, Pamela!


    1. Yes, it felt like a writer-to-writer conversation, not teacherly. I wanted to know what she was thinking as a writer so I could offer my own approaches as a writer, too.

      Thanks for coming by, Crystal!


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