On Cheer.

Regarding the Slicer I previously mentioned..

We’re on Day 15 of the Slice of Life Challenge.  And although I’ve really, really enjoyed reading and commenting on other Slicers’ writing, it wasn’t until yesterday that the full blogging bug really kicked in.   Which includes namely this:  

sharing links within your blog’s text to demonstrate that rabbit-hole thinking that is.. real life.

It’s responding to literature. 🙂

I came across Maribeth’s Better in the Bahamas in the comments section of Day 14, which is obviously about her experiencing the South of France, then rolled on to 40 Years Lost which details the reacquaintance of an old friend (?), then read through 7 more posts until I settled on Cheerup Cheerup.

Go see, it’s delightful.

All her posts speak this language.

It was her voice mixing with the image of this delightful French teacher in my school who I absolutely love would love to know better.  I don’t know what I was looking for .. you know how you read and read and surf and search, knowing you’re .. trying to find something out there?  Something that’s an answer to a thought that’s drifted away, that you didn’t even know you had?  Searching a paragraph?  A word?  A place?

Yeah, that was me last night, scrolling through Maribeth’s blog Unleashed.  I felt happy and safe, and the environment I felt we were all fostering here as writers felt so meaningful.  Purposeful.  Good.  Cheery.

I started this blog thinking of my Dad, wanting to let this be a blog of discovery.  Synthesis of some sort.  Dad poked his head out of my thoughts, I remembered — I’m not quite sure I felt sad — and I know I haven’t developed the tone I want when I write and think of him.

I ventured off and thought of school children.

Last night I saw sunlight. And it’s a place where I want to be.  Warming my little desk and the corner where I write.

Thanks, Maribeth.  I’ll see where this takes me…





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