On Dates – SOL Day 16/17

Every evening at about this time, I grow confused.  Confused because no matter how I vowed in the past to devote and carve more time throughout the day for my writing (it’s Spring Break!  why am I not doing this?), I wait until the last minute to post on a Slice of Life.

I’m confused because:

1. During the last 2 hours of the day, when I’m mentally preparing myself to write, I can’t quite figure out the time.  I’m Central.  Slice of Life on Two Writing Teachers is Pacific.  Standard?  Atlantic.  Yep.  See, confusion.

2. When I do make it over there to past my blog link in their combox, sometimes they have the next day posted.  So, no, I can’t keep track of days.

So, every evening is a skip and bump.

Tonight is worse because I went to dinner with my husband, had 2 Bloody Marys at the Olive Garden with Grey (Blue?) Goose, which I absolutely adore .. and.. well.. I’m thankful I have a delete key. 🙂

But I don’t mind, this confusion.

Tonight, it gave me something to write about, something to …document.  Not necessarily anything to think about, this I know.

Trump.  Trump and that fiasco is something I don’t want to think about.  It’s causing discord in my family and in the nation in general and I absolutely loathe what’s going on.

All my life, and in my days, what I aim for is harmony and peace, like in my classroom. Seeing this unsettling of the we, the people is sad and disheartening.  Inside, I’m miserable.

And I worry about our kids who see this.  I don’t know what they’re understanding about what they see ..

… this, I will think about.




2 thoughts on “On Dates – SOL Day 16/17

  1. The were some good Grey Goose bloody Mary’s, huh? I get confused by the time thing, too. I try to post , and if not then, as soon as I get home, because I never know when it is changing. I think it is posted on Greenwich MT, though …

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