George and the Movies – SOL 18

Dear Mis Penik,

I can’t do

my homework

because my Dad 

is taking me


the ten o clock movie

of Captin America.

When we get back

I know

I haft to

go to bed.

My Dad usually isnt fun

cos he works the late shift.

And I thought 

itd be nice

to keep him compney.




6 thoughts on “George and the Movies – SOL 18

    1. Thanks, Wendy! He did, although George spent a little bit doing his homework on his Dad’s cellphone before it went completely dark in the theatre, so, he got to do his homework after all! 😉


  1. Absolutely love this note. I should find my favorite one of all time and post it. I think George made the right choice this time. I’m always excited to discover other middle school educators on SOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ramona! I saw you mentioned on another blog, under a “13” poem! So glad you came by, I’ll visit you 2nd half of SOL!

      Yes, George made the right decision. Compromised a little, but, yes..

      See you soon!


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