Permanence of Thought

I remembering commenting on someone’s blogpost about how our tastes change as readers over time.  She was writing about the different genres, and about how there just isn’t that much time in adult life to sit and really, really enjoy a book.   But this writer doesn’t give up the love of language.  Currently, she’s into loving board books.  Yes!  Layouts, specific words, colors, texture, that all matters to the developing mind — just look at what we respond to when we’re on the internet.  It doesn’t end!

Board books.

I understood the need to find comfort and solace in the beautiful things we love.  Including words.

I mentioned Into Thin Air [insert backgrounder here] and how that was the last book, and the first time in a very, very long time that I ate up — chewed up, regurgitated and swallowed — then framed here:


I stripped post-its and marked every passage I had strong reactions to.  I promised myself I would go back and write about every one in my notebook as I noted them, because Krakauer was either describing some truth about the human condition or masterfully telling a story about a truth that, really, should have been proclaimed to all mankind.  This is how I felt at the time.  I don’t know for sure, because I never went back and wrote about those passages.  There were just too many.  Some pages have 2, 3 or 4 post-it slices in them.  I’m still promising to respond to his writing on a second read.  I left my heart among these pages.

I forget how I made the transition from boardbooks to a full-length non-fiction piece, but that’s not my point.

There is a magnificent power in words.  You and I know this.  What matters to me is how those words are used and who’s using them, who’s hearing them.

I don’t care about the people in power who have a platform to speak their interpretation of truth.  I don’t care about a response to the empty, meme’d diatribes that litter our world.  I don’t care about the mockery displayed for us to consume in media.  This moment, I don’t care about the power stances or political will and how to effectively counter it.  I

I’m thinking of the simple beauty of the person.  Their simple word.   Their thoughts, their ideas.  EVERY single word is valuable, even if I don’t agree with it.


What you have to say is so very important.  What you think moves people.  You see it in your daily life, in your home, in your work.  To place it somewhere permanently — this is what matters.  If you are a blogger, or a private collector in your own notebooks, please, I beg you — consider bringing yourself forward into the world, into fray.  It will find it’s audience!!  I promise you!  People are forever seeking.. they will keep seeking until they find their way to keep seeking.  Your ideas, your humor, your love, you and your identity as a writer, can

Am I sucker for writing?  Yes.

I fell in love, hard, this past year when I decided to marry my own personal hobby with my profession through the National Writing Project.  I’ve studied, fought and argued thought all my life, but this year, I tracked the evolution of my own thinking, those of my students and other writers around me.  Words that I thought held no sway with me, came back and haunted me.  This is what society waits for;  someone, peering, is waiting for the key that provokes and launches their thinking .. so that they can grow, settle, become themselves and even launch people forward!

Why would we not continue to do this?

Please — please write.  If you’re writing, please continue to write.  And let it grow, make it grow!  And bring it out of your blog, out of your notebook and into hardcopy for people to touch, hold, caress with your fingers and minds!

People are waiting to come across you for inspiration.  Even if it’s a boardbook.



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