Little Notebook

We’re traveling down to see my parents tomorrow.  I already know that I’ll experience a rush of experiences, feelings and .. well, everything:

  1.  Like last time.
  2. Because the prime is pumped with this blogging
  3. And with our poetry unit.  I’m noticing everything.  Everything.  The worst is within myself, I can’t seem to shut it off..


Therefore, meet Little Notebook.  I bought one for Beatrice, too.  She’s not keen on writing.  This year, she’s discovered a horror of spelling, so she’s timid about even beginning an idea, and I think I’m about to break through with boosting her confidence.

You can write whatever you want, honey.  You can always go back and fix, but it’s so important to capture your ideas, because they’re you!  I can go back and check my spelling at the end.  Yes, exactly!

When we go down, it’ll be the perfect time to reinforce this.  She’ll be my little writing buddy.

I know I won’t have time for full-blown pages in my Writer’s Notebook and my goal will be to continue finding material for this blog.  Thusly, Little Notebook.

This morning, when I woke up, I had 4, 5, 6 full-blown ideas, complete with BMEs (Beginnings, Middles and Ends).   I had to grab a used post-it to bubble 1-words down as reminders.  I NEVER consider myself a morning person, but, boy, what do you do when you have a whole mini-essay or story flash behind your eyes?  This is the beauty behind writing everyday, blogging everyday.  Right now, though, I don’t even know where that post-it is.

So, tonight, as I was at the market to restore our coffee supply, I swung by the notebooks, looking for something tiny to replace the need for those post-its on our trip.  My fingers touched them gingerly, pining over them like a prayer.  Oooh, I remember when I used these… (like, last week).  This year alone, I must have filled.. oh, dozens.  [Note to self — blog + pic of the stack.  So, what your’e seeing is a near-replacement of my beloved notebooks.  I’ve been bit.

I don’t know how long this blog will last, but I like riding waves, and right now, I’m giving myself all the permission in the world.

So, goal:  fill Little Notebook in a weekend.  Can I do it?  We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Little Notebook

  1. I hope your little blog lasts a long time. It is fun to see little slices of your writing life. And the noticing. Life is so much more vivid when a writer looks for words and stories.
    I hope you have a nice visit with your family.

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  2. It is so important to have those notebooks! I have had ideas pop in my head and had to repeat them over and over until I had somewhere to write them down. Now, I try to always have my writer’s notebook in my purse so when those ideas strike, I have a handy place to jot them down quick before I forget them. I like your line, “I don’t know how long this blog will last, but I like riding waves….” Enjoy the ride!

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