First Note of My Roadtrip

No matter what — and this has been for the 22+ years we’ve been together — we just can’t seem to get away from packing the car the moments before a roadtrip.  Yes, it’s trouble.sneak

The trouble for me is that — well, I’m realizing this now — after schlepping everything to the car, Hugo will usually tell me to pack light next time.  He just doesn’t just tell me.  It’s a bit of a grumble.  It’s a happy grumble.  I don’t mind it.

What does get me is that this little grumble threatens the survivability of my stash of books, notebooks, techie junk,  (I’m taking a keyboard), stuffable purse items and whatever else I usually find absolutely necessary to take with me.  These, I load them all myself, ALWAYS, but that doesn’t negate the timorous feeling I have in my tummy when we finally buckle up.  I’ll cover it up with cheer and distraction, a prayer as we launch ourselves into the familiar, and when the distraction is over, I feel overwhelmingly successful.  Like a kid who drank soda before going to bed.

This was first Little Notebook note to myself.  Blog post accomplished.  🙂


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