imageOn our way down to the Rio Grande Valley, we pass several Whataburger restaurants, beginning a few miles from our home.  I can think of 1, 2, 3.. 7 Whataburgers as a viable turn-in option as we travel.  Obviously, it’s a Texas staple.

I’m not the first one to coin that phrase.  I think I borrow it from Joe Patoski who wrote several articles about Selena, the Tejano Queen, for Texas Monthly.  Whataburger was a staple for her, too, while she was growing up.  It’s interesting to think that these restaurants have been visited by the most diverse socioeconomic segment of society in Texas.  From infamous international music stars like Selena, to Texans eating hamburgers at their counters since I was 5, to immigrants crossing the border into America with nothing but the clothes on their back, Whataburger’s fed everyone.

I didn’t consider those ideas when I snapped this picture for a pitstop.  I liked the word “envisioned,” so I wanted to remember it.  Sitting here, listening to the roll of the road beneath my seat, I realize Whataburger memorializes memories of movement for millions of Texans.

We pass through, Whataburger stands.  Since 1950.



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