Mom’s prognosis is

from now

to 5 months

to ?

I’ve never traversed

the valley of death

Do you know

what it’s like

to know

your mother will die?


I feel shame.

I never asked you,


when pain

visited your heart.

In the  valley,

I walk blind.

A whiteout

that should be


on the mountaintop.


is it visiting me

down below?


3 thoughts on “Whiteout

    1. WW, yes. I’m very glad you came by. I write for myself to think, sort and cope. I write to know who to help, how to help. This is all an unknown for everyone in my family. Thank you so much for your comment.


  1. Now you know, Veronica, where a lot of my pieces came from…
    Yes, yes I do know what that is like. Yes, I do know the pain, confusion, anger, hurt, and more that comes from this experience. But I will tell you this, this writing thing has saved me from imploding…so, keep digging deep and keep pushing it out. Enormous hugs to you and your family.


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