Or, Where I Am 2.0

So, I’ve been out of town since last Tuesday.  Keeping up with the blog was veeery, very, very, VERY, very, very difficult:

1.) because I was in the middle of Lost.  And not the series.

2.) because I was away from the keyboard.

Lost was solved because I spearheaded second opinions for my mother, so although I know there will be turmoil ahead, we’ve laid the foundation for a semblance of peace and order.  With people.  You need your peeps.  I’m not talking docs.  Peeps.

Keyboard issue was a surprise, though.

Since I began writing a little over a year ago, I developed the habit of writing anywhere, any way via my notebook.  When I began keeping this blog, that changed a little.  My Notebook Writerly Life had dwindled, as I had expected.  This is a sometime I’ve noticed while keeping a notebook.  I used to have anxiety about it at first (Drat, just watch me, I’m going to drop it..), but I kept trying, kept returning to my notebooks, and so now, when I leave my sacred pages, I don’t freak out.

A new problem I noticed throughout my First Writerly Year was I had trouble making the jump from my notebook to the computer screen.  Once you’ve established voice somewhere, it’s really, REALLY difficult to let go of Place,  take risks and go somewhere else.  The Slice of Life Writing Challenge took care of that for me.  Thrilled about this.

When I traveled, it was very difficult being mentally mobile, even if I access to a keyboard and a computer screen.  A lot had to do with the stress I was under, but I know a lot had to do with my new sense of Place.

So, here we are, returning to the screen.  My life is still churning in the background, there are still events I have absolutely no control over, but this place feels like a very safe place.  It feels like I’ve come home.



3 thoughts on “Reconnecting

  1. Glad you are back. I missed reading you. Did you remember to post this piece on twowritingteachers? It is a scary time for you and for your mother and the rest of your family. Take each day as it comes to you, for that is all you really have anyway. Be well!

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  2. Sounds like a time you really need to be writing. Writing to remember how you felt in the moment. Writing to remember. Writing so you can forget for a while. It helps.


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