Write Me

I'm the slice you didn't write
The moment you 
took too long
to see

and forgot about a moment later.

You didn't 
take the time 
to plant me

In your Writer's Notebook for later.  Why didn't you?
I'm one you'll 
take awhile 
to perceive,

but come back, we'll talk, and you'll see.
You shouldn't skip 
by me

I’m right here, right in front of you.

I'm the slice you should write down when you think you didn't notice.
I'm the version of a story that belongs to everyone.
I'm the one you can't remember later, so think about using your phone to record the moment.
I'm the slice you're going to be thankful you didn't miss.
Don't let me be the slice you didn't write.

*Inspired by  On A Thought’s “The Slice You Didn’t Write“:


3 thoughts on “Write Me

  1. Yay! I love this: “but come back, we’ll talk, and you’ll see.” You give hope! Because it’s true — sometimes it takes time, right? And this: “Don’t let me be the slice you didn’t write.” Stories begging to be told for sure. 🙂

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