10% Battery – Slice of LIfe

.. and bad habits are hard to break.

Once again, I’m up against a hard deadline: 10 minutes to post for Tuesday’s SOL and (wow.) down to 10% before my iPad quits for the night.

Luckily, I have something pre-preapared to show you.

Yes, it’s been difficult maintaining my writerly habits since April 1, but I get my writing in when I can. Incidently, this is how I lost my fear of “messing up” all those (500) Writer’s Notebooks. I quit caring about perfection and just told myself “Go.” Just like this blog post. 🙂

I wrote a poem for my kids today.

We’re wrapping up Revisions in Process and I had a form for them to try out – dual sided, try to improve each line by A, B, C.

I was clueless about to use as a model. Then I thought about what had bugged me just a few nights ago — the new streetlights going up behind our country home.


Here’s what I showed my kids after working a few revisions with them. They saw me build this guy from scratch.

The Lamps

April 5, 2016
Post lamps glow

behind the blanket of night

silent, sleepily, strangely.

Like obscenities

screaming at my soul,

they invade my dreams.
Stars can’t whisper to me like they used to.

About this poem.

I live out in the country. Beginning about a year ago they began building a new subdivision behind our home. Houses were going to go up someday, I knew this, so I wasn’t quite sure why I was so surprised when I woke up one night to the light of the new lamps along the new street. I cried the following morning.


2 thoughts on “10% Battery – Slice of LIfe

  1. What a great way to model a way to vent your frustrations without doing something harmful! We moved to the “country” 20 years ago this summer. Now we too have the glare of traffic lights, parking lot lights (from a new grocery store) and numerous street lights that invade our once deep, dark nights.

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