Moss Wonders – SOL 2016

We’re prepping for a multi-genre project.  This is a WNB entry I came up with as I demonstrated extended thinking with my kids.  Previous entries were “Moss,” “More Moss,” “The oak tree.”  [this one], then finally “Moss Eulogy.”  Sassy Oak is next, I think.  I feel inspired.

As I sit here, I notice the lady with the flowery dress staring at me.  She looks prettier than me, maybe.  Her print dress has blue flourishes that go this way and that, her hair is kind of curly and wavy and interesting and all at the same time, and she has these funky tennis shoes with bright-colored socks, and a pretty pink sweater.

She looks alive and interesting.

Me?  I just sit here.

I wonder what she wonders as she stands there wondering at me.

I know she’s wondering at me.  She regards me, maybe, I know this, because she just snapped a branch off that Charlie’s been living on for the past six months, ever since he was a spore.  How sad, I think I’m next.

I’m not too worried, though.  Even if she were to peel my little twirly plant body off of this dead, twiggy branch, I would survive.  Probably for a long time.  I know this because Ralph and Doolittle (as we used to call him) got ripped off their branches by high winds — or was it a rogue robin (who was looking for filler for her nest who later changed her mind and just dumped him)?  There they lay there on the ground for weeks and weeks — looking very much like I do.  Until a storm passed through and washed them into the gutter.  Now I’m sure they look like mud.  I wonder if they live on.

I wonder what she’s going to do with Charlie.  Maybe she’ll eat him.  That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, though, because she and her family came and consumed this cirlce-thig with what I know are mushrooms.  Wait.  Maybe we’ll be the toppings sprinkled on her next circle-thing.

I wonder how long it’ll take for me to guest in her stomach.

I wonder how long I have to live.

I always thought I’d live forever.


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