Notebook History – SOL Day 3

Slice Image

My memory’s vanished over time.

Nothing traumatic happened to me over my life that caused me to repress anything.. that I know of.  I don’t think I have something growing through my brain.. that I know of.. yet.  But at age 44, I can honesty say that I, at the age of 44, have a very limited memory of my childhood.  I don’t know where they are.

I make them up as I go along..

Meaning — something will remind me of a memory, and I’ll bring it into my Notebook.  I’ll notice that writing will draw out the event, beginning with a trace, and slowly fill in the image of the past, much like a child filling in a picture in a coloring book.


and that’s as far as I got before something came up during Writing Time in class today.

The point I was getting at.. I completely forgot!

(Note to self:  what are the best ways to capture ideas so that I won’t forget?)



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