Writing on the Fly 2.0 – SOL Day 12

Oh, dear.

So, here’s another crop of issues on top of what I decided yesterday — that it was okay for me to straight-blog without bringing in thinking from the Notebook, that I wasn’t going to pin myself into a corner ..to where it killed the fun of the SOL challenge for me, to where I’d just quit.

New issue is this:

  • Do not wait until the last minute/hour to blog, Veronica, because you know you can just type something up (don’t do it!!)
  • Do not blog after a full dinner this week (it’s Spring Break, full of rich, happy-Mama meals where I get to cook for the family!)
  • Do not blog after sitting on the sofa eating your bon-bons (okay.. banana chips, then apple pie and ice cream, then whatever else you made the king bring you.)
  • Do not blog after having expended your energy reading from the plethora of your favorite books this week.  Mental drain is going to be too much for you.  And, oh, here’s another one:
  • DO NOT try to blog after working on curriculum for next week, when y0u go back to school.

In other words, Veronica, you wanted to be a part of this, you committed to this challenge, well, my dear, make time for it, even though you’ve decided to cheat (you say in your silly head) and just write  on the fly, even though you wanted to marry yourself to the ideal of wondering in your Notebook and taking your ideas out of there.

Enough of the frou-frou.  And cheap antics. Do better.  Write when you’re more alert.  When you’re cheerier in the middle of the day this week (with Spring Break and all).  When you’ve WRITTEN IN YOUR NOTEBOOK for goodness sake!!!!  You’re still committed to writing in that thing everyday.  What keeps you from blogging right after?

Stop being so persnickity.  You’re so silly sometimes!



4 thoughts on “Writing on the Fly 2.0 – SOL Day 12

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. 🙂 This is our Spring Break. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep all those commandments you mentioned, because I’m right there with you. Let’s enjoy our writing this week! I look forward to seeing what you write.

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