Patriot’s Day – SOL Day 14

Watched Patriot’s Day with Mark Walhberg about the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013.

It’s always difficult watching one of these mass-casualty films from a horrific event in our nation. When I hear of another event occurring, I wonder when they’ll be marketing it for a movie…

I think this will be the last one I watch, though. I was moved.. angry.. hurt.. upset. Character development was excellent.. events seemed to be portrayed accurately. But I know it’s fiction. The day these events happened, I knew where to go for my information, how to glean and parse and figure out what was going on, who did what, how it was being revealed to the public, what I needed to know as a citizen from this.  It’s different when it comes to you as a movie.

For instance.. I knew there was a woman who died from her injuries on the sidewalk.  I wasn’t waiting to see her on the screen, but when I did see her, I knew it was her, because I remember the impact I felt when I found out about her death 4 years ago. Why will I put myself through knowing about this again?  I don’t want to live through this tragedy twice.

When it happened, it molded my opinions.. some have softened, some have hardened with age.  But dragging this out into the open again.. reminds me of what a family must feel when they experience a tragedy and their not wanting to go through trial to avoid living through the trauma all over again.

I wasn’t expecting to say these things when I decided to blog about Patriot’s Day.  It was a great movie.  It seemed respectful of all involved with the tragedy.

But when this happened, I was an involved member of the family of citizens of these United States. I cried the day it happened. And when I saw this movie, I didn’t realize that I was going to be put through this experience again.

Now, I’ve decided I’m not going to watch any more movies like this.

I’ll continue to be an informed citizen.  This is just another thoughtful decision I guess I have to make.  In a lot of ways, I wish it wasn’t there for me to have to make it.

God bless America.


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