New Goal to Replace That Addiction – SOL Day 17

Well, I figured out what to do with that book problem I talked about earlier..

Fellow Slicer is going their Reading Writing Project reunion at Teacher’s College. I’ve never kept a bucket list until now.

Every since I attended The Heart of Texas Writing Project, our local National Writing Project affiliate in 2015, I’ve been looking for every Writing Project I can to extend my learning to be a better teacher for my kids. I’ve gone to our Saturday Workshops as a TC.. I’m just not satiated.

Just not satiated.

The only time I’ve ever left Texas was when I was 5 when we vacationed in Colorado and visited Pikes Peak.  Within a year or two or five or ten, I will be visiting New York for the Teacher’s College Writing and Reading Institutes.

Mark the date, Veronica.  Start saving.



5 thoughts on “New Goal to Replace That Addiction – SOL Day 17

    1. Yes.. far off dream that seems attainable the longer it takes for me to get there. I imagine room and board and travel will surpass the expense the tuition..

      I’m both, via Language Arts, and I admit I see everything through the writer’s lens — amplifies the reading. I want both! (they’re separate Institutes)


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