Perfect Workshop – SOL Day 20

Day back after Spring Break.

Note to self:  Remember today.  Take the positive that swirled around you today:

  • silent writing for 15 solid minutes for Writing Time, despite having to pull curriculum
  • talk – before an entry, after an entry – after productive search through their Notebooks for ideas

Then the kicker:  one student saying to another:  “You didn’t write over the Break?  What do you mean you didn’t write?!  How could you not write?”

Don’t forget — rest throughout the week so you can be as calm and thoughtful as you were today, enjoying that swirl of good conversation in the classroom.

Remember it turned out better than you could have ever expected..  because of the agency you give them.  That classroom is ready to run on it’s own.

Let it go.  And above all, write so you can keep teaching your kids.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Perfect Workshop – SOL Day 20

  1. What a wonderful comment you overheard, “What do you mean you didn’t write over spring break?” It doesn’t get any better than that. It sounds like today was one of those days where you got to step back and watch all of your deliberate teaching pay off. What a gift!

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