10 Minutes – SOL 24

10 minutes.

I haven’t quite been here in awhile — where I thankfully remember my SOL post for the day a few minutes before the deadline.  Last year, I think this is where I was everyday, battling the last moments before deadline.  Today, it’s the 24th.. so I’ve gone 24 days in without hitting the panic button.

Today, though, I don’t quite feel panicky.  I know my little post will come out fine.  Not because I trust in my posting ability.. but because I’ve had a good today in Process.

We analyzed a mentor text for structure — came in as we read as soon as we came in through the door, shared our focus findings with friends, went over them in whole-group, compared structure of this piece with yesterday’s — and finally found a key detail  that lead the reader into introspect.  Could we do the same?

Time to talk with our partners and mine for ideas that lead to this type of thinking for the reader — inferencing, wowzer details that lead one to pause and reflect.

Jot down notes.  Check our community chart on Google Classrom, modify our claim and author’s purpose — check our feedback from peers to tweak our ideas.

What a day.


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