Permanence of Thought

I remembering commenting on someone’s blogpost about how our tastes change as readers over time.  She was writing about the different genres, and about how there just isn’t that much time in adult life to sit and really, really enjoy a book.   But this writer doesn’t give up the love of language.  Currently, she’s into loving board books.  Yes!  Layouts, specific words, colors, texture, that all matters to the developing mind — just look at what we respond to when we’re on the internet.  It doesn’t end!

Board books.

I understood the need to find comfort and solace in the beautiful things we love.  Including words.

I mentioned Into Thin Air [insert backgrounder here] and how that was the last book, and the first time in a very, very long time that I ate up — chewed up, regurgitated and swallowed — then framed here:


I stripped post-its and marked every passage I had strong reactions to.   Continue reading


Digital WNB. – SOL Day 6

Slice Image

A Decision.

Let’s be honest. If you’re an educator like me, you’re hitting a major bottleneck in organizing your time and you’re having difficulty nurturing that writerly thing.  Maybe that’s why you’re doing the SOL 2016 thing with me.

Today, I realized that most of what I’ve written — we’re on Day 6 now and I have yet to write an SOLC post (case in point) — has been on the fly.  I’m not very comfortable with that.

On a moment’s notice, usually about 20 minutes to deadline, I think of something related to what I’ve decided is the purpose of this blog (Dad/WNB/writing/teaching/students) and churn something out.  I re-read and edited first day and I was happy with my first post.  Second post, did less. Third day, I began taking it for granted.  And really, I’m not happy with what I’m giving the lovely people who have been coming by and saying hello.  I don’t want to give scraps of me.  I’m an all-or-nothing-in sort of person.

So, getting back to my main point — everything’s on the fly, right?  I’m a teacher crunched for time, right?  I haven’t written — HAVE NOT WRITTEN in my Writer’s Notebook consistently for days and days.  And days and days.

I carry it everywhere, mind you, but the kids and I have been working on a piece for nearly 2 weeks and I do a lot of model-writing in class with them.  When I get home, my mind needs the time to rest, and really, I’m kinda empty.  I’m thought out.

What Slice of Life has done for me is made me come back to myself and remember what my personal writing goals are.  One of them, probably the most primary in my life right now, is writing about my Dad and how what’s happened fits into who I am right now.

Writer, teacher, mentor, friend, Mom.

I tell my kids to be their authentic selves and that voice is so, so important.  To develop that voice, I know, means to return again and again to the page and let yourself live there.  Exist.  Be.

I can’t do that if I’m only writing one post per day, and leaving it until the end of the night when my brain is fatigued to the point of mush.

So, for the rest of SOL (I’m telling this to myself as I tell you), I will be coming back and typing up my fancy.  And, of course, labeling one of those entries as SOL2016.

Like this one.

More voice for me, more development of nice posts for you.  I don’t like being halfy..