New Goal to Replace That Addiction – SOL Day 17

Well, I figured out what to do with that book problem I talked about earlier..

Fellow Slicer is going their Reading Writing Project reunion at Teacher’s College. I’ve never kept a bucket list until now.

Every since I attended The Heart of Texas Writing Project, our local National Writing Project affiliate in 2015, I’ve been looking for every Writing Project I can to extend my learning to be a better teacher for my kids. I’ve gone to our Saturday Workshops as a TC.. I’m just not satiated.

Just not satiated.

The only time I’ve ever left Texas was when I was 5 when we vacationed in Colorado and visited Pikes Peak.  Within a year or two or five or ten, I will be visiting New York for the Teacher’s College Writing and Reading Institutes.

Mark the date, Veronica.  Start saving.



My First “Official” Student Conferences – SOL Day 1

Slice ImageToday was the first day I had Writing Conferences, real Writing Conferences, with my students.  I’ve spoken to and instructed and taught my students one-on-one, teacher to student, for years.  But this was the first time I met them personally as Writers.  We shared Writerly Things.  And it was glorious!

They were unscripted and .. well, I can’t say haphazard, because I had been thinking about conferring for a long, long time. The parts of a conference, what I would say, how I would guide students.

The reading –  I’d done over the summer at The Heart of Texas Writing Project.  The rest, the real thinking – I guess I internalized throughout the year as I perused books (sections. paragraphs, words!), always knowing in the back of my mind it had to be done, I wanted it done.  Today, I overcame the fear.  Preceded before day 1 when I had I observed an empty stack of composition notebooks in my classroom yesterday and thought, Conference Notebooks!!!

Today I just dove right in.  And it seemed the most natural thing in the world.  We spoke writerly thinking, we nurtured structure, I hit a quick teaching point, we planned “for next time”.. Most importantly, I touched about 5 students every period.  Without a timer!

Every class period was a blank page — no anxiety.  Every thought throughout the year, my writer’s plan and preparation.  Making meaning in my mind, making ready.

Every conversation with a student was the strike and scribble of my pen across the page — thoughtful, involved, and interested.  Free from constraints because the moment was here, finally.  A movement in learning.

Every teachable moment were my thoughts, finally reaching the page.  Magnified in talk and feedback, becoming permanent.   A collection of ideas in the minds of my students.

They’re not mine anymore.

I will continue to give, and more.